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"The wind~ a call from the wilds... primordial, deep, unbridled. When I stand on a ridge top feeling the wind as it flows freely through me, it replenishes my Soul and cleanses my mind of insignificance. My affinity. my solace." ~Sonya

Have you ever listened to coyotes' joyous songs as you witness the last rays of the desert sun? Ever smell juniper and sagebrush smoke of a crackling fire while you prepare to settle in after a long day's ride? In the heat and stillness of the mid-day sun, have you ever heard an approaching dust devil making its way disturbing a meandering path of sagebrush, and then pass quickly and playfully around you as it makes it's way toward an unknown destination? Have you had the chance to watch the gliding shadow of a gold eagle on the sun-parched desert ground? Have you ever bellied up on rim-rock to quietly observe a herd of wild horses as they rest peacefully in a cloud shadow, and then suddenly witness the fury of two stallions in battle?

Here you can experience the beauty of the ranch and wild American west through the eyes of WildWind artist, Sonya Spaziani. You will view the pureness of life of the old west and the intricate beauty of North American wildlife as seen through her eyes and her experiences. Sonya's work has been published in Western Horseman magazine's Gallery, as well as a popular regional magazine, Cascade Horseman. Several of her artwork have been published by Western Horseman for their calendars. Her work has also been featured in other various papers, periodicals, and galleries.

On this website you can learn more about Sonya; see her gallery of popular prints, as well as an art series "For the Mustangs" where a percentage of her proceeds benefit a wild horse organization; read her wild horse tracking journal, along with other camping and hiking adventures; and a gifts section with your art or designs. If you want to be notified when there is new art work, or sent a brochure, contact us, or click here Photographers used for WildWind artwork.

You will find Sonya's art rich with detail and vision. She primarily uses fine point mechanical pencils, which profoundly illuminates the detailed beauty of her subjects to where she aspires for her artwork to appear as photographs. Beginning in 2005, Sonya has incorporated the use of authentic wild horse mane-hair to detail fine hair structures in her drawings. Now a well-known trademark.

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See you where the wild winds blows,
Sonya, aka Mustang Meg
WildWind Art

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